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  • Exciting new features!

    We hope you’re ready for your close up, because you can now enter beauty looks to the Runway (make sure your look is on point, because people can also vote on them!)

    <img src="">

    Not only that, but you can now earn 10 diamonds voting on the Fashion Runway and 10 more voting on the Beauty Runway!

    What do you think, stylistas? Let us know your thoughts!

  • New City...

    London Calling! Update Stylista and unlock London in level 30!
    Stylista in London
    What do you think? I <3 it!


    Hey stylistas!

    How about we finish off this season with some serious styling? Put together an awesome late summer outfit for this contest and get the chance to win 2 Runway tickets.

    Once you're happy with your outfit, post your username in this thread so I can check it out. The 3 most impressive styles will be selected by moi. :D

    I'll post the lucky winners here on Thursday (August 25)

  • New Release!

    Check your app store and update Stylista. These are some of the new features we added:

    • Don't have the right clothes to participate in an event? Now you can access the shops while you're styling!
    • You can also upgrade your clothes straight from events to get the best result!
    • It's now even easier to match your style for an event. Look for items with a gold frame to get the best result!
    • You can add stylistas as friends after styling them!

    What do you thinK? What's your favorite part of this new update?