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  • There's a NEW version of Stylista out NOW!

    And it's available for download on both iOS and Android.
    We've added some new fun and social features to game which I'm sure you'll love.
    So update or download it now and get playing...and of course, let me know what you think! :)

  • Re: Covergirl Questions

    Hi ChloeAmbre! Yes, the Covergirl is calculated from styling yourself and entering it to the Runway. The look with the most votes of the day will become the daily Covergirl and the look with the most votes of the week will become the Weekly covergirl. Voting for the weekly covergirl is reset on Monday!

  • Re: No Runway Invitation

    @Sparkles This is fantastic feedback and it really helps us improve Stylista. We have responded to your comments below :)
    [Whenever I open the menu and tap News, the game closes]
    -That doesn't sound good :( Does it happen every time you tap the news button?

    [Also the way the beauty close-ups look is not that ok. They are too low. Keep it the way they were, please]
    -We are aware of this and hope to fix this in the future. The beauty covergirl is a new feature but already very
    popular so we want to make it better

    [Another issue is that I can't know anymore how many people have styled me,and after I give them stars,I get nothing]
    -You can now find the agency features in the news. Every time you have been styled or rated by a friend it appears in the news.

    [When I pick someone to style at an event, it doesn't ask who am I styling. And that may be a problem for newbies. At least give some coins]
    -Thanks for this feedback, we will think about it =)

    [And the major problem is that I can't find the Agency The only way I can access it is by the News section]
    -We added all the agency features to the news which opens every time you start the game. We felt that this was easier to find for new players and a better way to tell you when someone has styled/rated you. The city was also getting quite cluttered and we wanted to make it easier to find the shops, your home, events and the runway by moving some things into the news.

    [Last but not least, the Runway section does not look good at all. Way too many stuff put togheter. And the design is not impressing]
    -We've iterated a lot on this internally, we hope to improve this in the near future

    [And the replacement of the star from the level icon wasn't a good idea]
    -The reason we changed it was because we used a star icon for a lot of different things, agency icon, level icon, event stars, popups etc...This could be confusing, so to clear things up the only icons using stars is the stars you earn from events

  • Exciting new features!

    We hope you’re ready for your close up, because you can now enter beauty looks to the Runway (make sure your look is on point, because people can also vote on them!)

    <img src="">

    Not only that, but you can now earn 10 diamonds voting on the Fashion Runway and 10 more voting on the Beauty Runway!

    What do you think, stylistas? Let us know your thoughts!

  • Re: Contest: What did you like the most about the new update?

    I love the fact that we can shop from the events! Tell us what your favorite part is for the chance to win :smile: