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Curvey Models

I wish we had the choice of choosing curvey models... I'm a curvey girl so I wish my character could be one as well


  • dustydusty Stylista, Community Manager, Stylista Moderator English

    Excellent Suggestions, ladies! I wholeheartedly agree and will pass your request onto the team

  • julopesxjulopesx Stylista, Community Manager, Stylista Moderator English

    I really like that suggestion too, @HaitianQueen1! Let's hope in the future we get something like that!

  • Can I get some help on getting gamers to style me??? Pleeeease?????? Thank you!!!!!

  • Very stereotypical to have just all skinny models.. This is 2018 we have thicker models in real life now why not games....
    I'm sick of seeing tooth picks up here.... Sorry .. I used to be skinny and now I'm what u say curvey.. But even when one as skinny I liked being abke to choose on games the size I wanted n I never chose being skinny.... It just

  • EnyaEnya Stylista

    Lo ideal sería poder poner a la modelo como queramos de busto, cintura y cadera ya que se puede elegir él tono de piel y lo demás... Solo serían tres secciones más en él hueco de cuerpo.. Tono de piel.. Talla de busto, caderas, cintura, postura...

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