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Covergirl Questions



  • I faced a different problem when my likes when down to 1k from 7k. I dunno the reason!.. i could have been in the second place or third of the cover girl!! but i don't understand why this happened. Is there a solution? or i'll have to gain my likes all over again?.. I lost a little no.of fans tooo

  • I started playing Stylista on 21 Feb 2017 and today is 27 Feb so i have been playing for a total of 7 days. Im currently on level 28 with 22143 likes on my profile. I want to know how the weekly covergirl works? Is it based on likes for an outfit or beauty (meaning one look) received in that week OR is it based on the likes received overall in one week? Meaning total likes on the runway of all looks + beauty looks? Because i see that weekly covergirls have in between 3000 and 5000 likes with i have received about 15000 more in total for the week since i started playing Stylista. My username is ChloeAmbre on the game if you want to check it out!

  • MakoejiMakoeji Stylista

    what time is selected covergirl?

  • The daily covergirl is calculated by fashion runway only. I can imagine the weekly would be the same maybe?

  • Do we have to send the same outfit multiple times to get more likes? Or is it based on a total of all likes on all outfits through out the day/week?

  • TreehTreeh Stylista

    Ive read in other covergirl threads that you have to keep submitting to the runway as your points accumulate at the end of the day. Do you have to keep submitting the same look or will all different looks accumulate together?

  • ZoeyZoey Administrator
    Accepted Answer

    You receive likes at the end of each runway show. If you enter multiple runway shows in the same day they will contribute to your daily likes score. They do not have to be the same look. Hope this helps!

  • I know the basic stuff about it, bit I'm still confused on the concept of it.

  • ZoeyZoey Administrator

    Hi ChloeAmbre! Yes, the Covergirl is calculated from styling yourself and entering it to the Runway. The look with the most votes of the day will become the daily Covergirl and the look with the most votes of the week will become the Weekly covergirl. Voting for the weekly covergirl is reset on Monday!

  • LoulouluxLouloulux Guest
    edited May 2017
  • LinaLina Guest

    @bellaben that is completely up to the community that votes. The covergirl gets selected according to other stylistas' votes.

  • hi, i have 2 question, can somebody help me? i won last year covergirl can i win this year? or is only 1 time for person , and how can i see my votes? the number of persons who voted me, thanks :)

  • Em que nivel pode ser covergirl?

  • GoaaaGoaaa Stylista

    @Effluve said:
    PLEASE really think about making this an option. I would love to start over because I didnt manage my money well and I am very disappointed I cant... I wont play until I can make a new account.

    The only solution you have is to do factory reset on you're mobile device and install again, but you need to sign up with another e-mail cause with the same one will return old profile.
    I hope I helped.

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