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I don't have hairstyles

Hello! I am new on Stylista! Just downloaded the game a day ago and I love it! I saw my friends' photos of their Stylistas and it seems that I don't have all the hairstyles from Stylista! My friend has a hair that I don't! Do you unlock more when you have a certain level?



  • LinaLina Guest

    Hi Katye! Welcme to Stylista and to the forum!
    All hairstyles are available once you start playing. Do you have any particular hairstyle in mind?

  • katyekatye Stylista

    @Lina Most of the hairstyles from the Casual Chic Tress Up,then none of the Holiday Tress Up and Fashionista Tress Up. Also the new MS.TQ collections are missing! I just don't have them! My friend told me that she wore the Woke Up Like This Hair and I wanted to wear that hair too and it wasn't there. I checked out on my friend's Stylista but it was gone!

  • LinaLina Guest

    @katye Not all the hairstyles from Stardoll are available in Stylista. If you go to your Home, press My Stylista and then Hair, you'll see all the hairstyles available. Remember to check the three size tabs ;)

  • katyekatye Stylista

    @Lina I just checked! You are right! But will the other hairstyles from Stardoll be available on Stylista?

  • LinaLina Guest

    I'm glad you found them, @katye
    Since Stylista is a different game, not everything is going to be the same as Stardoll ;)

  • katyekatye Stylista

    @Lina I see! Thank you for the help!

  • Hi! And I'm new here and I have no ideas what happens, I just know that is about Stardoll (maybe I'm wrong, so excuse me) I would be glad if somebody could explain the short or as long as possible (obviously if you can) what exactly happens on this site! Wait your reply and thank you now!

  • P.S. I from Romania!

  • @AnaMaria1234 this site is not about Stardoll, is a forum about other game (by the creators of Stardoll) called Stylista. You can download it in Romania for Android and iOS. Get the links to the app store here.

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