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THIS ALL SEEMS A BIT ODD!? DOSENT IT? Give us more to do

Why is it we recive more money then gems? Its harder to earn gems then it is money. But the thing about it is, most of the clothes and items we are to buy cost in gems.. So what do we need with all this money. I have sooooo much money right now and after buying what little I can get with cash and upgrading it barely puts a dent in my stash. But most the items in wardrobe cost in gems so what I'm asking is if you could make it a little easier to recive the gems.. Like more things we can do to earn them like we get gems for playing everyday, or we get gems each time we enter the runway, or make a wheel of prizes for us to spin daily. Not only that but after we vote and do the 3 compitions we do there's nothing left to do. Give us more to do

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