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G_nettG_nett Stylista

Why can't there be more choices on the models other then skin color, pose, and bra color? Why can't we chose between different shapes? Like have sick skinny (like we already have) then skinny, athletic, med. Build, thick or thicker? What are the creators scared they might upset someone.. No what's upsetting is the fact that we have to always chose such a sickly skinny model. I'm 5'4 and 150 so I'm a bit on the chunky side and it dose bother me that I can't chose my own size on here. I'm not ashamed I'm thick. But I am ashamed that my model looks like she's about to pass out. I love the game but come on.. That is a lil hurtful u make us only chose skinny girls.. Its like ur saying only skinny gilrs are models.. Wth

Best Answer

  • julopesxjulopesx Stylista, Community Manager, Stylista Moderator English
    Accepted Answer

    Hi @G_nett,

    I love your idea. I will send it to the developers. There are so many things we want to see differently in the game. In this case, I wonder if there is limitation for the sizes, when making the game. But more sizes options are always welcome! ;)


  • @G_nett I absolutely agree, bodies vary in shape size and colour, everyone should be able to choose what they look like, no body should think because of a game they can't reach for the stars.

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