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I wonder if...

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you, and especially @TiaCruz @Jewels37 @Layniesays and @te0d0rA

I wonder if we will get another and new update soon??
It seems as if they inserted the old version but still display ads for a new update. Maybe they're updating the new version?

What do you think? Does it sound plausible?


  • te0d0rAte0d0rA Stylista
    edited January 2018

    HAPPY NEW YEAR VickyLania! I guess it's true, the old version but with ads which i had problems before but now it's even worse because the game refuses to open at all but they promised to try to fix,so I'm sorry if don't give you votes for a while..for sure they need ads but it would be nice to get a better version at least as good as the one before the last updates.

  • Usually they update the game every once or two months.

  • te0d0rAte0d0rA Stylista
    edited January 2018

    I play this game from eleven months and I think that only once they upgraded the game (previews updates) the rest were only updates but with the last updates I keep wonder what's the meaning of the word "update" if they made it with an old version?

  • Ahhhh I just saw this post! Thank you VickyLania! Hope you are having a good New Years as well, & everyone else. I haven't updated this game since I originally joined/downloaded in November. I see in the Google play store that there is an update but I read negative reviews so I haven't updated. This game has so much potential. I wish they would fix the small bugs/issues there are & it'd be amazing. But I am thankful for what we have.......when it works.. He he :)

  • LayniesaysLayniesays Stylista
    edited January 2018

    Thanks so much, @VickyLania, and happy new year to you too! I have to be honest here... With the latest update, I found myself so frustrated that I uninstalled Stylista. I find it very telling that the company won't fix the issues that exist with the game, won't restore the diamonds that don't show up when the daily ads don't work for whatever reason, but are fine with adding ads when you're playing the game now. I found it especially annoying not being able to back out of the ads I didn't choose to watch, as well.

    There are better games, in my opinion, with developers that seem to care about the players. I've been frustrated with Stylista for a while, but this last update was the last straw for me.

    @TiaCruz- I agree with you. This game could be fantastic, but the developers just don't seem interested in making that happen. I don't know if it's a small team, or what, but I don't have the time or energy to frustrate myself with this game anymore.

    Anyway, I hope y'all have a great year!

  • julopesxjulopesx Stylista, Community Manager, Stylista Moderator English

    Hi @Layniesays,

    We are sorry to hear you left Stylista. We've been missing you here. We are working really hard to fix the problems and bring exciting new features. We hope you come back any time soon or when we do the new releases!

  • @julopesx Thank you for the response. I'm willing to try again, and hopefully things will have improved.

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