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Asking friends to rate you

How do you send a message to the other players to rate you?


  • Unfortunately you can't. I have no idea why that message is there... We've all wondered how to do it.

  • CamilleLoveSueCamilleLoveSue Stylista
    edited January 2018

    Aparece p mim na parte de notícias, duas amigas escrito style me. Entao eu acho ,q elas estão pedindo p eu estilizar elas, mas nao sei como manda.

  • G_nettG_nett Stylista

    They only way is to style them and if they feel like styling u back then they will.. That's what I been doing most the ppl on my friends list show up for me to style so ill style them in hopes they will style me in return... So far they have..

  • VichitaVichita Stylista

    Como agregó amigas... Pues envío solicitud pero nadie acepta???? Ayuda plis

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