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How do you get people to style you?

Need help have friends but no one will style me


  • VickyLaniaVickyLania Stylista
    edited November 2017

    You can watch your friendlist to see who plays on a daily basis and try styling them.
    You can post a comment in an existing Style Me thread (in Off Topic).
    Also, many players style those who always reward them 3 stars.

  • VickyLania had great tips. Another thing I find helps when I'm not getting styled a as much is to change up my avatar. New hair, new haircolor, new features, even a new skin tone. For some reason it seems to get me styled more again.

  • how do you ask your friends to style you??

  • @pompomkatya said:
    how do you ask your friends to style you??

    You can't do that in the app.

    Only way to ask others to style you is here in the forum. And the best way in here is to use the existing Style Me thread.

  • sarahsarah Stylista

    Style moi svp je m'appelle dans le jeu sarahnoe

  • MekhuMekhu Stylista

    Hello style me plz. My id is ' mekhu'

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