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I'm on level 22.. it was supposed to unlock new stuff in Basiq but never did. Can that be fixed?

Level 22, never unlocked the new stuff in basiq


  • Now I'm on level 23 and it didn't unlock stuff from the next store either.

  • arwvxarwvx Stylista

    It has happened to me too, you have to go to the bottom of the store and you'll find the new items

  • The items are there, but you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to find them. I think I went three or four levels before I realized that!

  • I'm on level 32, can't have access on sterling's boutique. Got the message wadrobe full ,upgrade items or buy new appartment. I try the upgrade items but still have the same message

  • Why i cant wote on runaway?

  • julopesxjulopesx Stylista, Community Manager, Stylista Moderator English

    Hello @bijou84,

    The items are there! They will be on the bottom of the store!

  • RobDen10RobDen10 Stylista

    I am on level 50 now and it doesn't give me options to upgrade my store. I even have recycled items and still nothing. That is preventing me from purchasing more diamonds if needed. After a certain level, are the upgrades for items no longer avail? If so, then I will use up the diamonds I have and will get off. Thanks for your response!

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