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Covergirl Bug

It arrived to me the notification to be the covergirl of the day but on the classification I am the second, why?



  • Look at the date - it might be from your last win and not todays. Does it keep popping up?
    I keep getting my last cover girl message all the time - from October 7. Just today I got it like 30 times at least!

  • Thank you.The date was October 16 :( I don't understand why Shirinza was the covergirl for 3 days with the same likes.. The classification wasn't updated.

  • That happens occasionally. Mostly on Mondays I think. It's annoying if you really worked your a** of on the runway and received a good count in likes and then no update!
    But it seems as if the game has many disturbing bugs/errors right now. Let's hope they fix it sooner than later.

  • Hahahahaha problem is solved, thank you very much

  • You're welcome. And good to hear that the problem is solved.
    I wish they would fix mine too.

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