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How to style to get the most starts

dp15dp15 Stylista

I have a problem getting five stars when I style people. I can't tell what the best style options are. If they gave style hints in the category or you could see the way the person styles their model it would help to figure it out. Even a hint button would be helpful. Anyone have any ideas of the best way to figure out how to style for different events?



  • From what I can tell, the type of event isn't relevant. To get 5 stars, two things are important- the symbols of the clothing and the levels of the clothing.

    For example, you get an event that says it requires level 15 and shows two skulls and a diamond. To get 5 stars, you'll need at least two level 15 pieces of clothing that have a skull icon and one level 15 piece with a diamond icon. However, you'll get more money for the event if you have clothes with higher levels, and if you have more pieces that fit the requirements.

    So, I tend to try and have enough pieces of each type to completely dress my doll at the highest level I can reach. The outfit may not be terribly cute, but I've gotten as much as $1900 for a single event.

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