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What's your favorite color combinations?

I feel like a big part of being a stylista is mastering color combinations. What is your favorite color combinations?

I usually try to have the main piece be white and then combine it with blue and some brown details. Like wearing a white top with blue pants and then wear brown boots and maybe a brown bag! :*



  • lFlooPiilFlooPii Stylista

    Normalmente el negro en la prenda inferior y que la prenda superior combinen con los zapatos... me encantarian mas bufandas/chalinas en el juego, combinaria muchas mas cosas!
    Los colores opacos tambien son lo principal al hacer un look (a mi gusto).

  • I'm proud to be stylist until porrque like to combine things like a purple dress mixed with rose and a black shoe with a white tiara a colored bag with pink white and purple

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