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Some Suggestions to Add to Game

As I've been playing the game some ideas have come to me that I think will make play a little more interesting.
1. When 'Voting' it would be nice to know what 'Event' players are styling for, so we could vote on that.
2. As a player's level increases and also clothing level; there are fewer new clothes available to buy with coins, therefore most people end up with huge coin amt. You should be able to convert coins to diamonds, say 50,000 coins for 50 Diamonds.
3. Also as levels increase, the cost of clothes should be lowered. Put on "Sale" if you will.
Eg: a Level 20 Dress that originally costs 100 Diamonds would start to cost fewer diamonds once you reach a certain level & drop 1 Diamond per Level Up.
4. Some new hairstyles & facial features would be nice
Whatda ya think?

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