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new update

@Zoey hi i noticed that you are in charge of this site so i will tell you my opinion about the new update. i don't really like it. you should really change it back to how it was please. i can't find the agency anymore on the city so i have to go to the news thing to find it which is really annoying and when i give stars it gives me nothing fix that. also the runway has way too many things put togheter please go back to the actual version. and fix the way the hairs are put on the is not right. and bc of the new update you can see we dont have enough stores so put more in london and remove the beauty covergirl becausde it is not that cool i liked it better before when it was just one now it is so stupid. such an useless update pleeeeease go back to the original version pleeeeease



  • sura90sura90 Stylista

    i really hope u consider my opinion please i want the old version backk please

  • I'm fairly new to game, enjoying it better than any others I've tried but have a couple of suggestions. Some new hairstyle's and facial features would be nice. Also more & better selection of clothes available for just coins instead of mainly for diamonds, after all what's the point of earning all those coins when there's barely anything to spend them on.

  • niksablesniksables Stylista

    Please Keep the beauty runway it is not stupid. Also, It would be great to have the option of exchanging coins for diamonds. A lot of people would appreciate if that was possible! The hairstyles could definitely use some upgrades! There is only a few that players really even use. Please add more realistic looking hairstyles, a better selection of more stylish clothes to buy with coins, and a side and back veiw of the models might make the hair and clothing look a little more realistic. Thanks.

  • julopesxjulopesx Stylista, Community Manager, Stylista Moderator English

    Hello everyone,

    We really appreciate your feedback. We are always working to bring new and exciting features. The new version of the game is not available at the moment. Keep visiting us here for more news and write more of your suggestions. They are very important for us :smiley:

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