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Lost all of my friends!?!

Help! Somehow all of my friends are gone. I'm level 45 so I had quite a few. This is super frustrating. I have friends still styling me but when I start an event none of my friends are listed in the model selection. Please help!!



  • KMFKMF Stylista

    Ok my friends came back but now the Covergirl is missing. Won't load when I open the top list and isn't on my city screen or the news feed that was just added with the update. The news feed seemed irrelevant when I updated and has brought nothing but problems since! Should've spent more time adding clothes or new cities like EVERYONE has been asking for.

  • Is it still missing?

  • KMFKMF Stylista

    No, they came back thankfully! Thanks for the help!

  • I'm glad to hear that!

  • Hi there. I'm having the same problem. I have a full list of friends (as I can't add anymore without deleting some), but when I start an event, none of my friends are available for me to style. So frustrating, as I'm on level 49 & up to now was enjoying the game. Can anyone help me with this. Thanks - Kittyknitter67

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