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  • SparklesSparkles Stylista

    @cutechiklets said:

    @Sparkles said:

    @cutechiklets said:
    @Sparkles i think ur answer was not polite thats why i replied u in this way u cnt blame my fashion skills for this ....... bcos u dnt know me

    Exactly. No one can blame you and your outfits. The likes are based on the number of votes that you get from other players. They are the ones who vote for your looks.

    that means there is no solution for my problem

    There is nothing the Stylista team can do...The only thing you can do is check out the Toplist and see what looks were the most voted and try to borrow some of their stylings for a chance of more likes.

  • LucriLucri Stylista

    J have the same problem of you....before j always had 5.000-6.000 likes now j reach max 1.000 likes. J think people want stopping you

  • @Lina number of my likes r decreasing why? plz fix this problm

  • We will look into this issue and let you know what we find out. Thanks!

  • togukawatogukawa Stylista

    oi boa tarde queria saber o que ta acontecendo no jogo ganhei 2034 ontem mas so caiu 400 isso ta acontecendo hoje tambem poderia mim ajudar agradeco quero resposta

  • togukawatogukawa Stylista

    sou doll tokugawa pra saber isso tem acontecendo varias vezes some muito

  • RayssaRayssa Stylista

    Esse jogo e muito bom realmente! Acho que tambem poderia colocar a função de voce entrar na casa de seus amigos, e votar nos looks deles seria bem legal, e também acho que poderia aumentar os cordões tem muita pouca opção!

  • You have done an amazing job.

  • BriannBriann Stylista

    I would love if you could style other people with there clothes. I know you would have to depend on if there a high enough level or not but I think it would be fun and cool to do.

  • SeleneEspiSeleneEspi Stylista
    edited May 2017

    Estoy de acuerdo con la opcion de ganar diamantes asi. Pero sacaron la opcion de conseguirlos a traves de ver videos todos los dias? Note q ya no lo puedo hacer. Me tomaba el trabajo, ya q no poseo tarjeta de ver los videos y asi conseguir hasta 60 diamantes gratis x dia. ahora se reducen a solo 20

  • eighteexeighteex Stylista

    It would be great if you could enter more than three events at time! in this way you could earn stars for your runway invitation faster
    Also, there should be more ways to earn diamonds

  • shazushazu Stylista

    what are the ways to earn diamonds

  • SeleneEspiSeleneEspi Stylista

    @shazu said:
    what are the ways to earn diamonds

    Before it was in the store to watch videos. With the first you were given 30 diamonds, then 1 diamond per video. You got to see 20 so in total you added 50 per day only in videos and 30 apart as a daily reward when voting on the runway once a day. Nowadays, they took the option of videos and therefore you can only get diamonds voting on the runway 10 diamonds in the common and 10 in the beauty. Or nothing

    (Antes era en la tienda por ver videos. Con el primero te daban 30 diamantes, despues 1 diamante por video. Llegabas a ver 20 asi que en total sumabas 50 por dia solo en videos y aparte 30 como recompensa diaria al votar en la pasarela 1 vez por dia. Hoy en dia, sacaron la opcion de los videos y por lo tanto solo podes conseguir diamantes votando en la pasarela 10 diamantes en la comun y 10 en la de belleza. O sea nada)

  • SusySiriaSusySiria Stylista

    L'idea di creare due piste per guadagnare diamanti è stata davvero grandiosa!!!* Sono dispiaciuta però perché prima riuscivo ad avere anche più di 4000 like, adesso sempre 300-400 al massimo... Secondo me ci sono styliste che vengono proposte più volte durante le sfilate piuttosto che altre... È un problema che si può risolvere? Per il resto: complimenti! Gioco favoloso! Lo adoro!!!

  • shazushazu Stylista

    I'm unable to collect diamonds by watching Videos it's not working help me plzzz I only earn 10 diamonds in addition

  • shazushazu Stylista

    I have the same prblm of likes n votes r decreasing constantly

  • mary951mary951 Stylista
    edited June 2017

    I wish we could earn more diamonds . If I would've known How important the diamonds are to purchase clothes. I would have not spend them . Now I'm stuck at a level cause I need diamonds to purchase clothes for next level.

  • IzzyIzzy Stylista

    The game says not to post anything mean rude or abusive. Cutechicklets please be nice tosparkles

  • BerntBernt Stylista

    @Zoey said:
    We hope you’re ready for your close up, because you can now enter beauty looks to the Runway (make sure your look is on point, because people can also vote on them!)

    <img src="">

    Not only that, but you can now earn 10 diamonds voting on the Fashion Runway and 10 more voting on the Beauty Runway!

    What do you think, stylistas? Let us know your thoughts!

    I think it's a good idea. I like the makeup section very much.

  • EnyaEnya Stylista

    Para cuando ropa nueva? Cómo guantes o gorras o corse? Guiños de ojos. Lengua fuera. Sonrisa pícara. Más fantasía.. Alas.. sé..hay tantas posibilidades.. Lentillas.. Colmillos.. Maquillaje especial.. Está bien él brillo en los párpados..y tatuajes? Piercing? Tengo mucha imaginación? Pq me gusta este juego. Y puede ser la leche.. Tallas para escoger de precio, Cintura ,cadera. Una respuesta please..

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