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How do I level up?

If you want to level up in Stylista and unlock new feature and clothes, you need to show off your styles at Events.

Every Event has a dress code, which is shown by one or more of the Talent icons (Casual, Cute, Alternative and Chic).

Check the dress code, select a model that is a good match for that look (according to their Talent icons) and create a Style that also matches the dress code to get the best results.

Share your Event to Facebook or The Runway to increase your chance of rewards.

Once an Event has been started, it needs some time to complete. During this time, every vote you get on Facebook, or <3 you get in the Runway, will increase your score! Finally, once the Event is done, your Style will gain recognition.

If it gains enough recognition (when the bar is filled) the Style will start Trending, allowing you to continuously collect rewards in the Studio over the next days. A style might need to be showcased at multiple events to start trending.

When your Style becomes a trend, you gain Fame. When you have enough Fame you will increase in level and talent points. Each time you level up the game will unlock something new for you to explore!!!



  • lessblessb Stylista

    Which is the fastest way get you fame level up?

  • LoulouluxLouloulux Guest
    edited May 2016

    @lessb The fastest way to increase your fame level is by styling at Events and collecting the rewards! :wink:

    There are 3 Event slots at the bottom of the City page, so I'd recommend styling all 3 events at one time to maximize your opportunity to get Fame.

    Once the timer has counted down on the Event, you'll be able to collect your rewards and then press "Play" again to start a new Event!

    You can also increase your Fame by voting on styles on the Runway!

    Maybe there's more ways to increase your Fame that I've missed.....does anyone else know?

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