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New Release!

ZoeyZoey Administrator
edited October 2016 in Latest News

Check your app store and update Stylista. These are some of the new features we added:

• Don't have the right clothes to participate in an event? Now you can access the shops while you're styling!
• You can also upgrade your clothes straight from events to get the best result!
• It's now even easier to match your style for an event. Look for items with a gold frame to get the best result!
• You can add stylistas as friends after styling them!

What do you thinK? What's your favorite part of this new update?


  • saraaasaraaa Stylista

    As I said before,the first 3 ideas are great,thank you for that.It wasn't necessary at all to change the events' look.It looked so much better before.Also,I saw that the Tailor is now at level 7,another unnecessary update. The fact that in the My Stylista menu,at hairstyles we can now see only 1 color if it is an ombre is really dumb,I don't know why on eart would you want to do that. You should focus on other important stuff like new hairstyles. I won't be really harsh because I saw that some major bugs were finally fixed.
    In conclusion:
    -it is indeed easier now to do events
    -you should change back the haircolor back as it was before
    -you should change back the Tailor to be for level 2
    -you should change back the events' look at is was before
    I am kinda sad that I updated my app,I shouldn't have done it. The old version was better

  • Merci my girl merci beaucoup

  • Thank you for your feedback @saraaa, can you explain a little bit more the issue you have with the ombre hairstyles?

  • saraaasaraaa Stylista

    @Lina Well,before,when I wanted to change my haircolor,I would go to the Haircolor section and I was able to see,if it was a ombre haircolor,both haircolors. Now,I can onlly see one of them.

  • saraaasaraaa Stylista

    Do you want me to post a picture?

  • yes, please! Post the picture because I also have an ombre hairstyle but I still can see both colors in the preview and in my stylista... :grey_question:

  • saraaasaraaa Stylista do I post pictures @Lina?

  • @saraaa actually I changed my hair again and understood what you meant. Sorry about that! We are fixing it :smile:

  • saraaasaraaa Stylista
    edited October 2016

    Yay! I am really glad that you got it! I had some photos with explanations on them prepared :joy: Also,could you give me a friend request @Lina ? I looked for you but there are too many dolls with "Lina" in their username. My username is AliciaDSU :blush: :kissing_heart:

  • I added you now. The fix is almost ready too :)

  • saraaasaraaa Stylista

    @Lina Thank you! By the way,you look so cute! :heart:

  • I ♥ YOU #stardollstylista :smile:
    I ♥ YOU @Zoey :wink:


  • BeteizaBeteiza Stylista
    edited October 2016

    I am level 32 and does not appear the desbloquadas stores. And the fate does not release. Can anyone help ?? :(

  • Sorry for the inconvenience. We had a technical issue but it's fixed now.

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