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Interview to FashionCake

LinaLina Guest
edited September 2016 in General Discussion

Hi FashionCake,

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Your unique and adventurous style really caught our eye so we wanted to know a little bit more about you, the person behind the Stylista, so to speak!

Everyday, you push the limits and shock us with your look..we’re always thinking, what will you wear next! It’s exciting!

Ok, so let’s jump straight into the interview…

--What do you like best about playing Stylista?
I absolutely love creating cute outfits and looks, also experimenting with hairstyles and a makeup. It is so much fun!

--What’s your favorite store in Stylista?
Elite! I visit it every day to see if something cute has appeared.

--What’s your favorite item right now in Wardrobe on Stylista?
My black see through pants. I wish I had the see-through sparkly leggings I keep seeing on people but I never see them in the shops.

--Since you’ve been styled so many times, who’s your favorite Stylista who’s styled you?
Actually, I have not been styled that many times. Recently CandyGuns and Juliabjrnstrm have come up with some really lovely outfits.

--What advice would you give new players who want to make it to the Top List on Stylista?
It is simple - never skip a day!

--How would you describe Fashioncake’s style?
She is a chameleon. One day she is glamorous diva, the next she is a leather-rocking rebel.

--Do you have any styling advice or tips we can share with the Stylista community?
Be creative, bold and brave! Stylista is the place where you can unleash your wildest outfit dreams!

Also, remember that you sometimes can sneak items under items to fulfill the dress code criteria – I love doing it. It almost feels like cheating when you wear shorts under a dress ;)


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