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Interview to All time Covergirl NattyPage72! Don't miss it :)

First, congratulations on becoming the All Time Covergirl. It’s awesome! Will you share your secret?

Thank you! Do I have a secret? Let me tell you that I only try to be true to my style within the stylistic possibilities of my Stylista NattyPage72

I focus on creating a coherent style that takes into consideration everything from hair, makeup and the pose to strengthen my look for the runway!

To start, I’d like to advise the new stylistas to be true to their taste and to remember that every model (avatar) is unique and that uniqueness should be celebrated.

What do you like best about playing Stylista?

The possibility to change and combine clothes, bags, makeup and the possibility of feeling like a real fashion stylist… knowing what will match with what and challenging myself to always make it attractive!

What’s your favorite store in Stylista?

My favorite stores are PROXY, because it has a lot of rocker style, VAUDEVILLE, I love it, and GLITZ. Those are the ones that match my style.

What’s your favorite item right now in Wardrobe on Stylista? What shop is it from?

I have several favorites, but I love the jackets from Vaudeville! The socks/stockings with sheer panels, the black and red plaid shirt, but my favorite are the shoes that come with socks from Vaudeville!

You are a very popular model, what’s your favorite stylist from the ones that have styled you?

I don’t have favorite stylists, but I do have some that I get along with and whose style I like such as… NaniePepo, Conejo, Anyul, Danie and Natalika. They have a unique style and look and I love how creative they are.

What advice would you give new players who want to make it to the Top List on Stylista?

I’d tell them to be authentic because most of them have the same long hair parted to one side, so I’d tell them to dare be different and make other styles and play with colors of the hair.

If they want to succeed I recommend that they avoid copying other player’s styles, but instead work to create their own. Another tip I have is not to use too many colors when doing your makeup as sometimes it can steal focus or ruin a good outfit!

Do you have any styling advice or tips we can share with the Stylista community?

Yes! I’d like to thank all the players that have voted for me!

I’m very grateful to them because it has been a lot of work to be number 1.

My advice would be to work hard and challenge yourself to always give your best with every style.

Think about your models as if they were real models going to a real runway show and that they should be authentic and true to their style… this will make them unique.

And finally, please vote based on the style you like and not as a strategy against other players with lots of fans. That way the game stays true to what it’s about - being the best stylista!

I want to thank all the players that made it possible for me to be the All Time Covergirl at this time, I’m enjoying it because I know it won’t be forever!

Work hard and enjoy this beautiful and fun game!

Thank you!
Best, Natty Page


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