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Old version

katyekatye Stylista
edited August 2016 in Feedback & Bugs

This is really important for me.I have been thinking about it. I think I might like the old Stylista. I recently saw a video with it. I haven't tried it because I haven't got the occasion.The one in which we had energy limit,and it was all....more......exciting and fun...sometimes I get bored of the new version,all since I saw how the old one looked like.. I mean yes the Runway was a great idea,but that old minimalist version was a little bit more.......adventurous. Anybody agrees with me?


  • Where can I see it? On youtube?

  • katyekatye Stylista

    @Natalika on Youtube you can see a small part of the old version on the Stylista channel. My friend showed me on Skype. But I think I still have some screenshots sent from a friend. I will post them

  • We have made a lot of changes since our first release, many of them based on the feedback we got from our stylistas. Tell me what's the thing you miss the most about the old Stylista?

  • katyekatye Stylista

    @Lina 1. Energy
    I know that no one agrees with me but I thought that with Energy things were so much more exciting and fun!
    2. The theme
    I just loved how the upper bar was white and the buttons from Home looked different and the city was stunning!
    3. Level up
    When we leveled up there was a thing showing up on the screen a lot more different than the thing we have now
    Yes,Runway,Event slots and other stuff were really good updates but i just loved the app just the way it was...And I know there is nothing you can do,so I will just quit complaining.. :disappointed:

  • Sorry @katye but you are right... There is no much I can do, but it's always good to hear your opinions! Keep on bringing them up!

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